HEADLINE: Two World Record Holders Taken for a Ride

Weekend travellers over the Pennines doubtless saw something of this operation-the transportation of Donald Campbell's world record-holding Bluebird boat (top picture) and car (bottom picture) from Harrogate to Manchester, where they are now on exhibition at Belle Vue.

It was a Sunday chore without incident, in spite of the width and length consignments. But at the end of the journey, the 31ft car's miserable 2deg turning circle presented a major head ache for the staff of Robert Walker (Haulage) Ltd., of Woodley, Cheshire, who carried out the job.

Bad enough when it had to be manoeuvred into position for loading and unloading, but worst of all when it had to be moved into the exhibition hall through a passage and door with almost nothing to spare. It got through unscathed. From start to finish, the delivery, over 60 miles, occupied slightly under 13 hours. The 28ft boat was 10ft 6in wide, the car 8ft 4in. Weight was no problem.