Robert Walker transported the Bluebird in 1965

We are very proud to have transported Donald Campbell's 'Bluebird Car' in 1965. In the 1960's Robert Walker (Haulage) began to specialise in the transportation of machinery and forklift trucks, in which we have gained an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience in this key market.

Robert Walker (Haulage), established in 1935, was and still is today a family run business that remains committed to delivering a friendly, reliable, efficient and competitive service, with perhaps the greatest emphasis being placed on professional and yet personal service to our clients.

Since first transporting the Bluebird in 1965, Robert Walker (Haulage) Ltd. have been very interested and keen to keep involved in the Bluebird project, as we were 32 years ago, especially since the recovery of the K7. We are very proud to have been involved in the transportation of these amazing machines and to be linked with such a great project. As a result we have dedicated a number of pages of our website to the history of the Bluebird and the role Robert Walker (Haulage) played in its transportation.

If you have any queries regarding Robert Walker (Haulage) and the Bluebird, please contact us.